Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cruciform armature


I have been studying Ian Roberts book about compositions. I find that I always pick up ideas from reading- even if I have learned it time and time before- I guess I just need that extra beating over the head with information. Well, this book is entitled "Mastering Composition" and it is well written and I am enjoying it. I decided to not only just read the book but actually try to make it stick a little better by active participation. I took the cruciform composition and decided to apply it to a picture I had in my archives. The painting above is the result. Usually I find myself adding way too much information into the painting and I could have done the same with this , but I wanted to keep the bones of the armature without destroying it with lots of little distracting shapes. I took the saying "Keep it simple stupid" and applied to to this painting and liked the way it came out. I have a larger painting that I am currently working on and I am finding that I am having to delete shapes to make the composition stronger- too bad I just didn't put them there in the first place! Well, I am going to work through this book and only plan big masses for my painting compositions and see how it goes.


Kim said...

hi Susan
your blog is now listed at TAD
Thank you for adding the TAD badge to your blog ..
cheers Kim

Coni said...

I like this. Very strong.

Ida M. Glazier said...

Wow Susan, this one is so nice! I also have Ian Roberts very good book on comp--and use it often!! Especiailly great reading the night before going out to paint. Very nice Blog---I will check here often!

Ida M. Glazier said...

Glad I found your blog---nice work, I also study Ian Roberts book, I will check here often--recap since I am not sure this works right!

Susan McCullough said...

Thanks Coni and Ida- I really like Ian's book- I have decided to purposely try different compositions - ones that I normally don't use. I will be posting them here as I finish them.

jojo said...

I like this painting. The tree, which is the center of interest, really stand out from the rest. The dominant color, yellow, is very electrifying. The composition is dynamic.

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