Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life Lessons

I feel bad as I don't have a painting to post- I'm working on on a studio painting right now but I really can't say that I want to post pictures of it quite yet. The reason I haven't gotten much done is because I went to STATE BASKETBALL.

The boys worked hard but they had so many jitters when they went out for their first game, they just didn't perform as they normally have done all season. Their shots just couldn't sink... They lost 43-40.

They went to the consolation bracket. When the next game rolled around it was just about the same- jittery, our three point boys were having a hard time even getting the chance to shoot - they were guarded so heavily. Well the game went back and forth a little behind and then a little ahead and tying every once in awhile. Well the teams were tied in the final minute of the game and one of our boys took off down the court and as the buzzer sounded, was fouled. The refs put a half of a second back on the clock because they figured there was a half of a second at the time he was fouled. He made both free throws and we were ahead by two points. The other team got the ball and one boy threw it across court to another player and he shot the ball from almost half court- it sunk- they made three points and our boys lost the game. Our crowd stood there literally stunned. It was a tough way to end the season- especially for the seniors and I felt terrible for them.

But, knowing all of these kids- they will bounce back and be successful in life- this game will not be a defining point in their lives - life will go on. The boys that will play next year will never forget that even a half a second can change things drastically. And they will work hard to make sure that nothing like that ever happens again.

It works that way in every aspect of life; art included. You can get rejections from shows over and over again but you should not allow the rejection to define you.

You must just work harder. That's it. Sometimes you will feel that life is not fair and you are taking a lot of hits but your time will come. But only if you use that rejection to work harder and learn dogged determination to succeed.

I will be posting some paintings soon.. I promise.


eldon warren said...

I'll bet that was a little hard to take.You're right though. Let's hope a lesson was learned about how little it can take to change things sometimes. Looking forward to your new work.

Susan McCullough said...

Hey Eldon- it was hard to take but that's life. You are so right- a little can completely change everything-sometimes we don't realize how such small things can make a major difference in the course of our lives- if we did, we would look at the sometimes insurmountable things (in our mind) much differently.