Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hills Above Havasu

My last post of the desert consists of this painting I did above Havasu on the northeast. I had already painted one painting which I unceremoniously trashed - so this was my second attempt for the day. I found a nice little wash and set up- it was hot that day and I hadn't taken any water with me as I was so anxious to get painting that I forgot. Needless to say, I did this one rather quickly. Lake Havasu is probably right at the bottom of the distant mountain but was not visible to me. I really liked this location so next time I'm there, I will be visiting it again.


eldon said...

A trip to the desert is what I need, It clear to me now. :) But I'll be settling for the scape around here.

Susan McCullough said...

Well Eldon, the desert is nice but I sure do love Colorado- pretty soon it will be green here- after the snow melts- something to look forward to anyway.