Monday, January 4, 2010

Well, vacation time is over and although I still have a house full of college kids, I need to get back to work. Frankly, I'm relieved because I was feeling rather worthless- doing absolutely nothing for so long- it feels good to have an agenda and lists full of things to do.

The painting above was done on New Years day- Jim took off snowmobiling and I just kind of slipped away and painted this-- I was actually planning to paint this just as the sun was setting but there were some pesky clouds that thwarted my plans so this is the painting I finished. I will have to try it again when the sky is clear and it's not too cold.

I have been working on a new web page so will let you know when it has loaded. I am going to keep it simple and have had a few snags along the way- but I really do like rapidweaver- it is a good web program and I don't have to read a book to configure it.


Eldon Warren said...

I really dig the way you paint snow. This painting is beautiful but that snow with it's textures in the foreground and the blue shadows cutting across middle ground is really impressive. And I have to admire that you went out into the wild cold to get it done. How big is it?

Susan McCullough said...

Thank you Eldon!
This painting is 11x14- pretty medium sized. I enjoy painting snow- which was painted last on this painting- and quickly I might add. Maybe that was the ticket- throwing it on at the last minute.... Ha