Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Trip to Amalia

Coni, David, and I drove over to Amalia, New Mexico, to visit with Randy Pijoan about having a painting group stay there ( the High Desert Painters) in May and of course we went to paint as well. It was rather chilly but we were well dressed and being the tough plein air painters that we are, were not deterred from painting. Then the wind started to blow just a bit and it just got cold... David walked up the road to check things out and we did not see him for a long time so Coni and finished up and found refuge in Randy's studio. David and Randy had been driving around looking at potential painting spots for the May trip. Amalia is absolutely a beautiful area - even in the winter- which is the true test of a nice painting spot.


This is the painting that I did -- right across the road from Randy's studio- I forgot to ask him what the name of this creek so it is titled Creek at Amalia.


eldon warren said...

12x16. My favorite outdoor size canvas. They just seem to be right to finish in a reasonable amount of time. You finished this one well to boot. Nice going.

Susan McCullough said...

Thanks Eldon, I really like 12x16's as well- I'm still thinking about working my way up to larger paintings but not right now in the winter- the paint just starts getting so stringy.

Andrew Kottenstette said...

I have a suggestion that I hope you might consider. Add a map to your jaunty trips. At least I am interested in seeing what your painting refer to. This spring I am also making a trip to Tierra Amarilla. )It's near a place called Brazos Box, which is an amazing geological formation that can even be seen from Google Earth.) Sharing the driving chore down from Pueblo, really. A friend of mine once had a ranch nearby and she hasn't made it back in a while. Will hit as many galleries and casinos as possible along the way.

Susan McCullough said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Andrew. I will have to look into that. I'm not sure how I could add the location but I'll bet there is some gadget out there that could help me with it. It's good to hear from you!