Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Hearts and Stars Reception at Wilder Nightingale

The Reception at wilder nightingale was crowded!!! This picture of Coni Grant, Alan Heuer, and Kemper Coley was taken later in the evening- when the crowds had kind of cleared.
Here is a picture of Richard Luckemeierm- he caught a ride with Coni and I to the show- we picked him up from Charlie Ewing's studio in Antonito - great art show by the way- and took him with us to Wilder Nightingale. He looks like I just asked him to eat his spinach - I guess I caught him off guard- sweet guy and fun to talk to.

Some of the miniatures hanging on the wall and silent auction items in front of the tree.

A lively crowd at the gallery -- Rob talking to Alan and Coni in the background.
Well the food was wonderful and of course it was a packed house. It was definitely worth the drive and we always enjoy seeing our Taos friends. The show's purpose is to end homelessness in Taos- a great cause.


eldon warren said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Let's look forward to a great next year.

Looks like the show was a great time. Sorry I missed it.

Susan McCullough said...

Hi Eldon-
Have a great year Eldon! Good things are in store for you- hey maybe we can get together and paint sometime this year! That would be fun right?