Saturday, September 12, 2009

Plein Air of The Dairy

I joined Coni's class to paint the Dairy by Alamosa. This is owned by the City of Alamosa; a lot of the ladies have been painting it quite often. I can see why- there are so many great motifs in this small space you could literally paint for weeks and weeks. This is a painting looking into the light of a hay trailer with the hay stacks etc... I didn't have to look around for long- this scene caught my eye right away.


eldon warren said...

Hi Sue, Nice work! And the composition feels good all around. I love these cozy little barn yard scenes.

Susan McCullough said...

Thanks Eldon- I hope you are planning on painting the Mountain Plein Air Festival- we could all meet up.

Coni said...

SO nice - and I know exactly what it's all about.
- Coni

Susan McCullough said...

Thanks Coni- it's a great painting spot isn't it?