Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Colorado Mountain Plein Air Festival

I drove to Salida on Thursday- the first day of the paint out to get Coni and my panels stamped and to get some painting done because I knew that I would have a hard time getting to the paint out as much as I wanted. After getting the packet and everything stamped, I went to the river to paint . The Arkansas River goes right through Salida and the town has done a very good job utilizing the river for rafting and sight seeing. I painted this in the middle of the afternoon.
After finishing the river scene, I decided to start heading home and do another painting on the way. I took the road up Marshall Pass and turned onto Poncha Creek Road- this was a beautiful view of Ouray Mountain and I was drawn to the drama of the draws that I could see from this viewpoint.


eldon warren said...

Hi Sue, Thanks for posting these. I was curious how things were going in Salida. I have to say the Marshall Pass painting is my favorite. I enlarged the image and found the brush work to be so well done. I'm drawn to this kind of subject too. It's a great test of ones compositional skills. You did a nice job with this one.

Susan McCullough said...

Thanks Eldon- I think that you would love Marshall pass- it is incredible- so many types of views that are above the norm- next year we will have to paint this place during the paint out.

Erin said...

I really liked the tree over the water in salida...great focal point and the tree is reallly neat looking

Fruitysquerrle said...

great painting!