Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I sit and wonder- how soon will I have before the rain hits- the clouds are moving this way but I sniff the air-" no smell of rain yet" and keep on painting. Mount Blanca is shrouded by a large ominous cloud; rain is falling there. I paint and ponder, "why do I feel as if I live in two different worlds?" and "Why is it so hard to pass back and forth between them?"
I was talking to Coni about the huge letdown that happens after coming home from a paint out. Is it exhaustion? I sincerely doubt it, because paint outs are tiring but also exhilarating at the same time. I think that it it's more the fact that trying to pass back into the role of mom, dad, or another job is difficult business.
I look at the harvested barley fields. There is something about that light ochre that entices me to paint it over and over again. I hurry to beat the rain.


eldon warren said...

Hi Sue, I don't know what that "after event feeling" is either for sure. I'm always happy an event is over because I'm totally worn out but at the same time I miss being out there and doing it. I guess it's the freedom I miss.

Susan McCullough said...

That very well could be it- all I know is feeling out sorts for a few days afterward-- sooner or later though everything is back to normal- well as normal as it can get anyway.