Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Plein Air View from Lobo Point

Today I went to my gallery in Pagosa to change out artwork. I had wanted to paint up the East Fork of the San Juan River on the way home but was detained by a very nice lady from the Forest Service. She told me that they were working on the road as there had been a horrible landslide in the winter of 2008 and they are currently fixing it. I am elated because that road has some beautiful views. She told me to try further up Wolf Creek pass to take photos- I don't think she realized that I was actually planning on painting on location. I ended up going to the summit of Wolf Creek Pass and there was a overlook on the north side of the road. Never having been up that road, I took it and was I glad I did. After driving 3 miles to the top-the views were beautiful - all 360 degrees of them. The wildlife was friendly and all the visitors that drove to the top, and believe me, there were plenty of them, mostly left me alone to paint. It was a good day.

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