Sunday, August 23, 2009

Plein Air Painting at the Snowy Range

Well, Coni and I took off to the Snowy Range and stayed the night in the cute little town of Centennial. This is a picture of Coni and I cleaning up to head out as the sun was lowering in the sky.
The Friendly Store is a cute little gas station and convenience store right next to our hotel in Centennial.

This is where we stayed in Centennial- The Old Corral- we really enjoyed this place - the rooms were perfect.

A Picture of Patrice Walker and I after a hard day's work. Patrice found us painting by Mirror Lake and we went painting up Brooklyn Lake road after that.

This is the painting completed up the Brooklyn Lake Road. The views were astounding- makes you want to start singing the theme to "The Sound of Music." Don't worry - I didn't.

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