Friday, June 5, 2009

My painting studio

This is the barn directly behind my studio- love it!
I planted some lavender right next to my sidewalk that goes to the back entrance of my studio. You do know it is a cardinal rule that painters have to have lavender planted outside their studios-- right?

These poor trees just didn't get enough water before I moved in - I will probably have to get them trimmed soon.

My studio- the grass is starting to fill in which you would think was amazing if you saw the pictures of this grass last year about this time- so progress really has been made.


Anonymous said...

When can you start some classes?? I
would like to come to a workshop or a class. Think it over. I have been taking classes with Coni and I know some others that would love to learn from you too. We like to follow your blog. Best wishes!!
Carol Watson (

eldon warren said...

Wow! What a cool barn. Have you painted it yet? And I'm a little jealous. My place to paint is is this ole basement. Oh well. :)

artgirl said...

Hey Eldon- actually I am starting to feel blessed with my studio but it sure took awhile to feel that way- I have been planning on painting the barn but still haven't gotten around to it( bad girl)!

Andrew Kottenstette said...

Hi Susan,
I forgot how I happened upon your blog, but am glad I did. I have added your web log to my Virtual Sculpture blog links.

I also want to tell you that I retain a natural love for the San Luis Valley even after having been unsuccessfully married to someone from there. We used to make the trip once every six weeks to visit my wife's grandmother at her old homestead in Alamosa, and friends in Monte Vista. Some of your photographs bring back the better memories of that.

The barn in back of your place also brings back my fondness, maybe even study of building one on my place here in Rye. The shape of a gambrel roof could actually make a great art studio wth natural light, given one plane could be opened up with glass on a north facing side. I actually have the plan backward, knowing the barn would be of practical interest should my art endeavors fail.

Thanks for putting your work and your story out there!

artgirl said...

Thanks Andrew, I often look at that old barn wistfully knowing that it would make a wonderful studio- but the funding of a project like that right now is not in the cards- but you never know, maybe some day .....

Andrew Kottenstette said...

Let me know if you suddenly do...fall into funding. Things being what they are these days economically I'm gearing up to get more into the management and planning end of construction. (My body is also aging to where I can no longer just manhandle heavier jobs...though I am loathe to admit it.) I'd be willing to help with that for far less than an architect. I often wonder if I do it just to be able to write about it, and sell the information or entertainment of it later, if at all. Pen and paper are lighter than hammers and compressors.

You might enjoy a book I've read years ago in my local library, "Worksteads". It features strange and wonderful reclamation projects done with unusual buildings by, you guessed it, artists.

artgirl said...

Andrew, if I ever decide to redo my barn I will definitely call you-your work looks fantastic from the pictures I saw. Sue