Saturday, June 27, 2009


This morning, I cleaned out my refrigerator. "What does that have to do with painting?" you ask. Absolutely nothing... other that how now I can open my refrigerator door without things falling out and along in reducing the clutter in my fridge, I am reducing the clutter of things to get done in the back of my mind; chores that have to be done. Sometimes you have so many trivial little lists in the back of your brain begging for attention that it starts affecting artistic performance. Dentist appointments, doctor appointments , wash the dog, clean the toilets, well you get the idea. I wish I had answers to deal with this problem- but I really don't. I'm just happy I got one small thing out of the way- Now if I could just take care of all of the other 50 things screaming for attention I could be at my artistic peak.
Painting above- Coni Grant and I went to the Conejos on Hwy 17 outside of Antonito to Josie Perea's house to paint. Sadly, Josie couldn't paint with us. We sat our easels up along the Conejos River and painted this very subtle rock scene. I prepared with a dark purple underpainting- which might have added to the somber feeling.

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Erin Cooper said...

Mom, I love this piece. It actually looks like the tree is sad. Somber mood that day? I just thought I would browse the site, i haven't checked it out in a bit. I love the new work! Keep it up lady!!