Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Baby Rocks Mesa"

When we drive to Arizona, most of the time we drive through Kayenta, and the view of Baby Rocks Mesa never ceases to capture my attention. I slowly pull out my camara, stealthly, ( I don't know if that is truly a word) getting ready for the minute we drive by because I always take pictures- one right after another; my husband looks at me. "Haven't you taken enough pictures of this place already?" I say, "No I haven't- the light is a little different right now" and then I just ignore him and take as many more I can take before it is completely out of view.

There is something about this place that is magical- and then I always feel a tinge of sadness because it looks as if there had been a thriving trading post which is abandoned and I always wonder "how could anything not survive when existing at the base of this really cool mesa, with it's spires and rocks shooting up everywhere.

Well, this is the result - I changed it quite a bit as you can tell there is no highway running right by. It is 24x36- I seem to like painting on that size of canvas and I submitted it to the Western Regional OPA- I guess we'll see what happens. Yes, I know, this is a plein air site and this is not plein air - sorry.....


eldon warren said...

Gee whiz! I really like this one. I did a close up and the brush work is great. Espessially in the rocks and the foreground. I'm totally impressed. Good luck with OPA.

artgirl said...

Thank you Eldon- you are very kind-I really had fun painting this one-I find that if I take my time and basically paint it in my mind first- it is alot easier to paint on the canvas later. Sue