Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The base of the Sangres

I decided to go over to Electric Peak to try to do a study as Electric Peak with Electric Ranch at the base is just one of the more pictuesque sights around. I had painted Electric Ranch about 8 years ago and still have my study but I would like to paint a larger, studio painting of this scene. I drove all the way to Electric Ranch but, the snow was so white and there were absolutely no shadows so it looked like there was a huge iceberg sitting above the ranch. the last time I painted it was during March and the sun was far enough to the south to get some cool shadows- so I decided to not paint electric ranch and started wondering around. This is what I came up with- which makes me wonder why I drove all the way to the northern Sangres to paint a small sliver of a white mountain- and then paint it in the wind-- what was I thinking?

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