Monday, May 25, 2009

Back from Taste of Creede

Well, I'm back from the Taste of Creede and I can honestly say that I had fun. I met up with Coni and we just kind of took in the atmosphere at first and hid out from the rain in the OMI for awhile. It was rather rainy the whole weekend but not too cold and the quick draw was quite an event. We had an hour to do a painting and then put it up for auction to benefit Creede Arts. I was stressed as for plein air one is usually allowed 2 hours for the painting time. I was even more confused when every artist pulled out these huge canvases. I was only painting an 8x10 for goodness sakes! Well they pulled it off quite well and I survived. Above is a picture of Stephen Quiller and Charlie Ewing talking about Charlie's painting (you can see it in the background.) The painting I did was the small red truck below- it resides on the north end of Creede- starting up the canyon.

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