Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Plein Air at Rock Creek

Coni and I were planning on painting at Rock Creek since there is quite a bit of snow but yet the roads are plowed since there are individuals that live there year around- but she called and cancelled because she had some deadlines to take care of. I decided to go painting by myself which all of a sudden seemed kind of strange since I hadn't been painting by myself for quite awhile. Rock Creek is beautiful- lots red rock cliffs.... I was painting this scene with my back to the red rock cliffs and a little thought went through my head-- I bet this is mountain lion territory- ooooh...
I remember hearing stories about how quiet mountain lions are and so every now and then I would look over my shoulder ---just to check- you never know. Then I thought- it might be wise to look for tracks just to see if any were in the area- well I didn't see any so I went back to painting. I never did see a mountain lion but it's funny how your mind starts playing little tricks on you and you just feel slightly uneasy. It's rather hard to concentrate on painting when you are looking over your shoulder all the time as well..

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