Monday, January 26, 2009

A trip through the desert

Well, I was off to Matt Smith's plein air painting class and got an early start on Sunday morning- I had wanted to leave by 6:30 but I ended up driving to my studio first to pick up more panels to paint on (one can never have too many panels!) This is a picture of the alpenglow as I was traveling through South Fork, Colorado.
My Garmin navigational device took me on a wild ride through the desert and so I thought I knew which way I was going but really didn't have a clue-- this is a picture of turning outside of Cortez Colorado and heading off towards Teec Nos Pos- I wish I know how to pronounce that.

As I worked further south , the mesas became richer in color - I think this picture was taken close to Chinle which is super close to Canyon de Chelly - I should have stopped and checked it out but I was trying to stay within a certain time frame to get to my sister's house in Anthem, AZ before dark. I made it in time and tried to prepare myself for class the next day- a drive into Scottsdale as class will start at 9:00 am.

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