Friday, January 30, 2009

Matt Smith Plein Air Workshop

The next day of Matt Smith's Plein air Painting workshop was at the Tonto Forest area- beautiful indeed! Yet, the sky had some wispy awful high clouds that did absolutely nothing for the light. Matt decided to go ahead and start with a demo and picked a very difficult long range vista to paint. Things were going along Beautifully when he completely lost all light which changed the scene incredibly. He did a beautiful job but didn't like it so just wiped it out on the spot-- I about cried.....
This is a picture of the scene he painted- well I tried it later- the same scene which was really stupid and it didn't turn out at all well - so I'm not going to post it-- sorry..

This is a picture of Kitty and me --Kitty is on the right- she is from Long Island and a very experienced painter . We carpooled to the sites since we stayed at the same hotel- it was fun having Kitty to hang with. I am so glad I don't have my hat on in this picture since it is huge and swallows my head up-- it is a Smoky Bear hat and I know I look ridiculous in it- I will have to get a new hat- I want to look more like Coni - when she goes painting she looks like she's going out to a fancy coffee shop. Gee my hair looks kind of wild!! eek

I decided to to this painting in the last hours of the day and was in a hurry because we went to Matt's house for wine and cheese. I was just loading up when he came barrelling up in his cool FJ LandCruiser( just like mine but with much larger tires- I am so jealous!) and yelled "are you coming?" We all followed him back to his beautiful home checked out his studio and fabulous collection of art.


Coni said...

Hey - I like that hat on you.
- Coni

artgirl said...

When I'm wearing it and the wind starts to blow- I get major lift- just like that old tv series- the flying nun.