Thursday, October 30, 2008

My studio is getting close to completion- this is a picture of the outside - a few changes have been made since taking this photo but none that are too noteworthy. My brother had taken out his patio so I was the lucky recipient of the flagstone that he no longer needed. I have found this project to be extremely time consuming and yes, it has taken much time away from my painting pursuits. I have been trying to work on the inside of the place and that was the hardest part of all. My husband had wanted to burn the place down after the renters had left as it was in such horrible shape that he (understandably so) just couldn't see how it could be of use to anyone. Ah, but he forgot that artists will take the most broken down shacks and restore them to pursue their craft and he just happened to be married to one. The house had no heat except for a very old and dangerous 1949 Siegler gas heater with a few electric baseboards thrown in the bedrooms. The toilet was cracked so it had to be completely replaced and of course what house could be without water issues. Mine consisted of the water not working at all in the first place to finally figuring out one of the strangest water systems known to man. I share my water with a neighbor and will have to figure out how to get the lawn watered better next summer. Landscaping will be in order as well. I will show a few before and after pictures of the inside soon- as soon as I get done painting those dreadful ceilings ( I HATE painting ceilings!!)


Eldon Warren said...

Hi Susan! I didn't realize you were blogging! And how cool is a studio you don't have to share with anyone? I'm totally jealous of course. Anyway, I'm looking forward to visiting your blog from time to time. Thanks for sharin!!Eldon Warren

artgirl said...

Thanks, Eldon- it is wearing me out though- you should have seen the inside! In fact I will be posting those pics real soon. Sue