Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This Old House- (An Artists's Version)

Well, I'm sure that it has been evident that I have not been posting as many paintings as usual on this blog and yes, there is a reason for this. I have not been lazy watching tv all day or hanging around the house eating all day- I have been trying to convert a dilapidated old house into a studio. This poor old house came with some farmland my husband purchased and he does not like to deal with renters. This house had been sitting vacant for two years and I had flirted with the idea of the conversion last summer but chickened out as I knew full well how much work it would take. The lawn was gone and the trees are dying - don't know if I can save them. The green you see in the picture are the weeds coming up-- the brown spot is the grass.
Well, Thank God for my parents! They like to renovate and wanted to help-- first we painted the outside. I decided to keep it white to integrate with the white barn behind it- I decided to paint trim a sage green and add red shutters to pop a little- next will be pictures of work in progress.

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