Thursday, May 15, 2008

The John Dunn Bridge

Coni and I were up bright and early Sunday morning for the next day of the paint out and after eating a wonderful breakfast at the San Geronimo Lodge, were ready to go. We had a few problems getting there though- Arroya Hondo- doesn't stand out as easily as I thought it would and as Coni and I are always talking when we go anywhere, we missed the turnoff and ended up in Questa. Well we decided that we must have gone the wrong way as we absolutely did not see anything that looked like a small town on the way so we drove all the way back to Taos, thinking that we were supposed to turn right at the stop light. When we got back to Taos, we realized that we had no clue as to what we were doing so Coni did the smart thing and asked for directions! Well we ended up driving 10 minutes to the north again and actually watched closely this time- and there it was- Herb's Lounge and Gas Station- our landmark just as huge as anything, right along the highway. Well, everyone had started painting by then and we found a nice place. I spent alot of time fighting with my umbrella- I'm sure that the problem is with me, not the umbrella.

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